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Mudlark’s Press

Mudlark’s Press is the name of Hurley Book’s imprint.  We publish books as well as repair, make and rebind books. We launched in 2015 with the aim of making publishing our own titles as easy as possible. These include walking guides, a history of Mevagissey as well as fiction titles.
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Old Titles

We launched the imprint with two collections of essays taken from The Cornish Guardian. The books are selling very well both on-line and in the shop. If you are interested in stocking them then give us a call or drop us a line.
Losing it in Cornwall – Liz Hurley
9780993218019 £7.99
The second collection of columns from Liz Hurley, still scribbling away on the edge. Still trying to hold it together. From serious to silly her columns cover all that life throws at us. A perfect selection of little titbits, to pick up and put down or read straight through.
Scribbles from the Edge – Liz Hurley
9780993218002 £7.99
Liz Hurley gathers some of the best of her newspaper columns for the first time. Through the year read how she balances being a bookseller, a mother and a dog walker in Britain’s finest county! Learn how not to surf, cook fudge, read books and batten down the hatches as she rants about exploding cars, rude visitors and stupid adverts. There’s also the odd word of wisdom but they do tend to be very odd and covered in mud, blood and hair. There’s something here for all ages. Some will identify with trying to find something to wear on a Truro shopping trip, while others will relate to a light touch rugby versus football argument. Parents will recognise their teenagers in her son’s response to her buying green sunglasses and others may just be amazed by how some people behave in a bookshop!