When you really regret selling something.

Steve and I sell lots of stuff. Thankfully.  Mostly books but as we go to auctions we also pick up lots of other stuff.  We also buy and list separately which can mean that when we come to pack and post something that has just sold, it can be the first time that we see it. Many is the time that I look at something wonderful, or funny or downright bizarre only to have to instantly post it to its buyer.  Most times if we find something that we think the other may like we wave it in their direction and it gets added to the horde pile we have at home. Smaug has nothing on us. But occasionally, now and then, heartbreakingly something slips through the net. I remember them all. The most recent heartbreaker was this incredibly haunting etching of Ophelia.  It wasn’t an image I had seen before and I thought it really caught how young and vulnerable Ophelia was. However, someone had just bought it and spitting tacks I contemplated ways to “lose” the package.  Lost in the mail, shop burnt down, raided by pirates. Ultimately I took it on the chin, put it in the post and went off and had a hot chocolate and sulked for a bit. Oh and had a  whine at Steve for not realising that I needed that etching.

Anyway, the buyer received it and got in touch to say how lovely it was. Yep, just more salt in the wound.  Months, many many months passed and then they got in touch again, to show me what they had done with it. And this is where the story comes good.

Just look at what she did with it!  It is exquisite.  To read more about the details have a read of her post

A fine Victorian steel engraving will never look good on your computer; the lines in the engraving fight with the…

Posted by Moose Disco on Tuesday, 7 February 2017

And the best bit is that you can buy it as a huge decal for your own home.


It has to be said that this is the first time that I have ever felt good about letting something go because now eveyone gets to share it.