In which Liz Fenwick comes to visit.

It’s fair to say that Hurley Books doesn’t do much in the way of events. Our highlights tend to be when we change over the blackboard, but Steve bumped into Liz Fenwick at The Wadebridge Bookshop (excellent bookshop), thought she seemed really nice, her books are incredibly popular and she was keen to do a signing. Having decided it would be a good idea and set it all up, Steve then bowed out and said it was over to me. Rat. So I accepted the challenge with great nerves, would it be a dismal failure, would anyone show, would this poor lady be stuck in a corner for 2 hours twiddling her thumbs, would I have to make…small talk? As is always the case, all fear were unfounded. Liz turned up with a great personality, interesting tales and gossip and lots of lovely cake.  She charmed the customers and sold like a demon. It was fabulous listening to her talking about the back stories behind her books and discovering just how many people absolutely love and recognise her stories. From one reader I heard how Fenwick’s writing took her straight back to the banks of the Helford, drinking lemonade threw a straw in a bottle and watching the boats go by as the adults sat in the pub.

All her books stand on their own but if you want them in chronological order it’s Affair, House, Stranger and Sky




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