What we read in September

A Year of Marvellous Ways – Sarah Winman

Gorgeous characters, clever writing veers between lyrical poetry and coarse vulgarity. There was something very beguiling about this book, the story was slow and troubling and at times heartbreaking. And in a shift as quick as a fish turning, the story would be fun of light and laughter. Very compelling and spot on descriptions of Cornish creeks and river life.


All the Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr

This took me forever to read which was surprising as it was full of tiny sections and I kept turning page after page.  I think it was just that this was a very busy month for me and I just didn’t get many opportunities to pick up a book.
All the Light We Cannot See is, quite simply, a very, very good book. I thought it was going to be dense, hard going and “worthy.” It really is none of those things despite the difficult subject manner. I fell in love with all the children in this book and have never read anything that shows how miserable life was for German children before the war and what an awful role and legacy their country prepared for them. I was also entranced by Marie Louise’s world of touch and sound. This is a beautiful book, go read it.

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