What we read in April

Tigerman, Nick Harkaway

Oh yes! When a good man goes to war, father and son patterns, accidental chemical warfare, what happens to desperate people and killer tomatoes. If you haven’t read Harkaway before, and he’s only done two other novels, so why would you, you are in for a treat.  If you have read him before then this is nothing like the last one, but then, that was nothing like the one before. That’s the great thing about Harkaway, each book is odd, different  and very readable.

The Fifteen Lives of Harry, Claire North

A clever idea of people that live their lives in a loop whilst everyone around them lives in a linear timeline. These people get to relive events and therefor have the power to shape history by communicating with fellow travelers up and down the time loops.  It’s a great concept but it’s so boring, there’s to empathy for the main protagonist, no development and much much repetition. Towards the end it began to speed up but by then I couldn’t care less if the world ended or not, so long as the book did.  Sorry to be mean but its just not for me. (Lots of other people seemed to like it though)

The Girl From Nowhere – Dorothy Koomson

Well out of my comfort zone so not fair to review this poorly.  What I read of it was well written but family stories don’t engage me.

The Salmon Who Dared to Leap Higher Ahn Do-Hyun 

Such a pretty book. French flaps, embossed gilt cover, line illustrations. Lovely to hold and to look at.   Contents a bit too zen for my taste though. (Another review copy)  Probably suit people that like Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

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