Just One Evil Act – Elizabeth George.

Just One Evil Act – Elizabeth George.
Oh woe unto the reader whose favourite author becomes a best-seller.  Elizabeth George is a wonderful author, she spins exciting whodunits with great twists and turns,  peopled with fabulous stand out characters but recently she seems to have developed itchy feet. Ever since the death of Helen, George seems to have grown frustrated with her series.  You can hardly blame an author for wanting to branch out and try something new and I wish she would. I would love to read it but the last few Lynley books have been long winded, convoluted and not very thrilling.  In “Just One Evil Act” the story continues from the end of the previous novel with the kidnapping of Hadiyyah. 

This novel is mainly set in Italy, focuses on Barbara Havers and is 700 pages long.  It is full of interesting side characters and Italian phrases, which are constantly followed by a translation, and deliberate misunderstandings which all result in a very, very slow read. If you love Elizabeth George novels because you really get into the characters and their lives then you will love this but if you love her for her tightly knit crime stories then this isn’t the one for you.

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