Val McDermid – Cross and Burn

Val McDermid – Cross and Burn
At the end of the last Tony Hill thriller, Carol and Tony’s lives were torn apart, leaving them adrift from work, society and each other. The emergence of an utterly brutal murderer forces both of them back to the criminal justice system.   Abandoned and struggling with her new position, DS Paula McIntyre calls upon a personal favour from Tony to hell her stop a sadistic killer. However, when Tony is implicated in the murders she has no choice but to track Carol down and ask her for her help.  Carol who blames Tony for all the recent tragedies has to then decide if she’s going to cross the bridge or burn it.
This is an excellent return to the Tony Hill series, maybe because McDermid often intersperses her writings with other novels, the series never seem dull or formulaic.  Whilst this book is very much a brutal crime thriller, it is less about the murderer and more about the interplay between McDermid’s main characters and all the richer for it.

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