Joyland – Stephen King

Stephen King – Joyland

Joyland has been written for a new imprint “Hard Case Crime”; aiming to bring readers hard boiled crime,  it has a very ’50s noir sense of pulp fiction pulling together new commissions and lost classics.  This book certainly has the feel of a lost classic from King himself.  Although it is a crime story, a serial killer in a carnival, King adds his normal twists with reports of a haunting from a victim that can’t let go and a dying boy that needs to help free her.


This is a wonderful return to old school King.  All the familiar characters and themes  are there; the coming of age protagonist, the sick child with a special talent, the beautiful, out of reach girl, the knowing elder, a serial killer and a carnival set in the 1970s.  What makes this title special is that the writing is fresh and the storyline zips along. For people that have found recent King novels to be quite lengthy and thoughtful this will make a refreshing change.  At only 285 pages there is nothing here but action and suspense. I loved it!
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