The Grim Company – Review

The Grim Company – Luke Scull

A new fantasy saga set in a society coping with the fallout from the destruction of the gods.  The war between the wizards and the gods resulted in the wizards gaining control and the bodies of the gods leaking wild magic all across the ravaged lands. 
This is an interesting idea as so often in fantasy sagas, the battle between the wizards and gods seems to be the conclusion of the book. By showing the aftermath of such a battle the author opens up a whole new area of disaster fiction. The writing is earthy, the scenario is bleak and blood thirsty and will appeal to fans of a more meatly style of fantasy.
Personally it didn’t do it for me. If cliches don’t cause you to wince you’ll be fine, the ideas are good.
Available March 1st 2013

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