Lighting up the village

As soon as Bonfire night is over I find that as a business we automatically turn to Christmas.  The shop is beginning to fill up with little goodies and as I have a Christmas Fair over at Newquay this year I have even more goodies than normal.  I’m particularly pleased with the stationery lines that we have.  I know that in the age of the internet and mobile phones, which instant messaging, texts and e-mails than hand written word seems to be coming a bit of a rare bird but who doesn’t love to receive a real letter through the post?  A blog is never going to be the same as a journal, Facebook may be a clever all dancing and singing bit of kit but it can’t replace the privacy of a diary.  With this in mind I’ve chosen some lovely notecards, stationery sets, journals and notepads, they are beautiful to look at as well as to hold and to write on and I hope that they prove very popular.  I’ll be selling them at the Macmillan fair but I’m keeping some back for the shop so that everyone can get to have a browse. In addition to these I’ve gone mad and have stocked in some new books for Christmas. These are really special books that will make memorable presents so I hope that I haven’t taken too much of a gamble. You’ll have to come and have a look and tell me what you think.

Of course it’s not just the shop that’s getting ready for Christmas, the village is too. Last night the Lights Committee were out in force measuring bits of street and surveying walls ready for new brackets and the like. Over the year they have worked so hard fundraising for the lights and it’s always gratifying to see such large crowds come out and see the village light up.  For the first time ever Jetty Street will also have lights, long garlands running the length of the street which I think will look stunning. We’re also going to have two Christmas trees sticking out of the wall so we will be really festive. On a sadder note this will be our first year without EV Thompson coming in for a signing session. We have his books in stock now and they are selling as well as ever but nonetheless it’s still a damn shame.

Inevitably, once the business starts to think of Christmas then wearing my other hat I also start to think of Christmas for the home and family.  Next weekend we will bake the cake, an event that always seems to cause more grief than it should but this year I’m going to do it by myself and if the children want to join in they are more than welcome.  I really want to make shortbread and ginger bread decorations for the tree but I imagine that that would just be too much of a temptation for Agatha and to be fair I think Harry would also find it difficult to resist tearing down the Christmas tree for a quick snack, so maybe I’ll have to forego those for a few years.

So lots to plan for and hopefully everything will go off with a bang, except for the lights. We don’t want any banging where the lights are concerned.

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