Puppies and boxing gloves

Obviously I felt that I wasn’t busy enough because this week I brought home a new puppy! We had always planned for Harry to have a companion and we thought he was now a good age to introduce a puppy, so whilst I was at the trainer last week she mentioned a litter she knew of from a really reputable source so I went and had a look and of course you just can’t look at puppies, so Agatha jumped into my arms and away we went.

So far she is a very clever, clean little girl but she does require a plug. I forgot that after Harry I swore I wouldn’t get a dog under 6 months. Hey ho, piddle and poo.  Harry is treating the whole situation with a little jealousy and a lot of resignation. Hence the main reason for the gun dog training. It’s unlikely we’ll ever go on a shoot but it gives him something new to learn and he gets to spend more time with me. I always think distraction is a great way of heading off problems before they develop.

As if taking on a puppy and new dog lessons wasn’t enough exercise for me I have also started a new class with Petra called Boxercise, I swear I have never had so much fun! I wasn’t sure what it was going to entail but I wandered along to the class and was a bit surprised to see pads and gloves. Hmm, not shadow boxing then.  We spent a good half hour warming up, we then had to pay attention to a lot of safety rules and then we laced up our gloves and started to lay into our partners’ pads.  I partnered up with Kate and was the first to don the gloves.  Poor Kate, she kept grinning at me every time I apologised and telling me to hit her harder.  Strange girl but I soon got into the swing of it. No pun intended. We then swapped over and she laid into me. I tell you there is something really funny about laughing with someone  whilst they try to punch you. Thankfully we never once made contact with each other, other than on the sparring pads but we both ended the session agreeing the gum shields might be an idea. Petra kept shouting at us to guard our faces and of course we were never aiming for the face but it only takes one tired accident before you see stars. I’m sure this won’t happen but there was a lot of nervous giggling. Kate also came with her husband so they can carry on with their training behind the scenes. My money’s on Kate.


Aside from that it’s been a usual week of driving to work with the sea filing the horizon and listening to Radio 2 traffic reports of tailbacks and congestion across the nations motorways whilst I slow down for rabbits and pheasants.  Not a bad life all in all.  Hope you all have a great weekend, I’ll be playing taxi for a dinner party in Wadebridge, a rugby game in Bude, a sleepover in Lostwithiel and an outdoor activity day in Minions.  Those bunnies and birds better not get in my way as I’m going to be very busy!