50ft Fin Whale stranded at local beach

What a week! My column on my rotten veg patch clearly hit the right note with you lot. Janet said that I made her feel better that she hadn’t got around to doing her patch this season. Trevor pointed out that I shouldn’t expect anything more as I lived in St Austell; everyone knows Meva has the better soil and Gemma’s mother clearly took pity on me and dropped in a bunch of rather nice looking, and tasting, cucumbers! I often get feedback on my columns but a bag of veg is the best yet. Given my awful spelling I should be grateful that it wasn’t a bag of rotten tomatoes.  I often get people telling me they read my column every week, they don’t say they like it, just that they read it – I’m guessing that this lot enjoy the grammatical howlers and schoolgirl spelling errors. I hope I manage to disappoint this week!

Mevagissey played host this week to an Antarctic Island called Nowhereisland – it’s floating around Britain as some sort of art installation. Quite frankly it floated in and floated off to Falmouth and I’m still not much the wiser about what the point of it was.  Part of it seemed to be interested in the melting of caps, other parts were about becoming a citizen of a new nation and what that nation should stand for. Dave, in his rather down to earth way, said that we should focus on getting our own nation right before fixing imaginary ones.

The thing that has really caught my attention this week though was the stranding of the 50ft Fin Whale on Carlyon Beach. There was a lot of criticism on Facebook of people posting photos but I thought that was completely understandable. If I had been able I would have gone down to have a look because quite frankly I’m curious and I don’t think there is anything wrong with curiosity. Where would mankind be without it? I should have loved to be able to see such an incredible animal up close.  It was very sad that it died but it proved a salutary reminded of just what goes on in our seas out of sight and too often out of mind. Our seas are viewed as some sort of giant garbage dump but it is home to stunning leviathans, rare creatures, exotic, alien life forms even our weekly fish suppers.

So please don’t dump your fishing tackle over the side for fish to drown in, keep your plastic lager ties in the bin as they get stuck on the noses of sharks and dolphins damaging their sensor systems. Don’t get involved in balloon races as turtles can’t tell the difference between jellyfish and plastic bags and balloons, they eat them and then die, autopsies showing stomachs full of plastic.

Get involved, join a beach clean, take up diving and visit the wonders of the deep for yourself or just simply aim to eat fish once a week and make it something other than cod; any fishmonger worth their salt will be able to give you some quick recipes. Our oceans are stunning and we are hugely lucky to live so close to the sea, we just need to pay it a bit more attention.

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