An incredible Jubilee weekend.

It’s been a pretty incredible week hasn’t it? I think looking back this is going to be one of those summers that sticks out like 1976 or 1985.  First we had the torch relay and then we had the Jubilee and what struck me most on each occasion was how incredible it is when we all do something together with smiles on our faces. I don’t think the torch procession really had much to do with our love of the Olympics in the same way that I don’t think our Jubilee celebrations were solely motivated from a love for the Queen.  In fact what I think both of them demonstrated was how proud we are of our country and our neighbourhoods.
How could you fail to be moved by watching all the pomp and ceremony process down the Mall or the grins from children as neighbours piled out onto the streets in the drizzle to have a party with each other?  I have no problem with the monarchy so this may colour how I view the weekend but I thought it was marvelous, how often do we get to have a full on splurge where we just revel in how good we are.  Too often we apologise for things or we look to blame others or we shrug our shoulders and say the country is rubbish but what can be done? But wow – just look at what we can achieve when we want to.
The celebrations were twofold in Mevagissey as it launched its first SeaFest (everything has to be Fest at the moment, have you noticed?) The RNLI and Coastguard were out in force, there was live music all day long and stalls and other events. Spread over two days the weather was kind on both and from all that I’ve heard the event was a huge success. The funds raised are going towards the Mevagissey Christmas Lights which is wonderful as they were beginning to get a bit tired. Even better Jetty Street is going to get some white ribbon lights and Christmas trees so it should look beautiful. 
And it’s not over yet we still have the Olympics to come as well as a few football matches which seem to be causing great excitement in the rest of the household. I’m a very fair weather football fan but if we get to the finals no doubt like the rest of the country I’ll get excited and join in and if we win? I can’t even begin to imagine how pleased that will make people. Oh and of course there’s Wimbledon as well but I’m not putting any money on Murray but there I go being all pessimistic, far too British! I shall learn from our new found spirit of optimism and shout Come on Murray and then when he loses I shall grin ruefully and cross my fingers for next year, in true British style.

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