Missing Persons – Nicci Gerrard

Missing Persons – Nicci Gerrard. Release Date: May 24th

This thoughtful book traces the effects of a missing child and is being launched alongside Missing Children’s Day 2012.

Johnny was 18 when he disappeared from University and it was a week or two before his increasingly anxious mother and father realised that he had gone. From this point the story traces the effects his disappearance has on his friends and family. In their attempts to find him it becomes clear that he has left of his own accord causing even greater grief and bewilderment to his loving family as they can’t come to terms with why he won’t get in touch.

The story spans seven years and moves from the acute pain and fear that his loved ones feel to show the poisonous way in which the event marks and twists each person who knew and loved him. Lives are changed, paths are stunted and gradually as they all try to start again you can see how deeply the disappearance has affected them.

This is a sad read and even the ending doesn’t seem to offer the resolution that you would hope for. In this, the book is an honest reflection of a very difficult reality that families across the country have to deal with every year.


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