The Testimony – James Smythe

The Testimony – James Smythe. Release Date 26th April.

If you heard a voice in your head would you think it was God or that you were mad.? What if the whole world heard the same voice?

One morning almost everyone in the world hears static in their head. No one can understand it or explain it, with a paranoid middle east and a trigger happy United States, nations start to feel the strain. The following day, the world hears the words “My Children.” Panic ensues, nations start blaming each other, is it God, aliens, terrorists? On the third day the voice says ”Do not be afraid” and the world falls apart.

This was a very clever apocalyptical novel, told through the lives of 26 people spread across the planet. It challenges how we view religion and politics and poses the question what would we do if we thought God was suddenly speaking to us? The book also cynically observes how quickly panic can destroy societies. Although no issues were posed in detail and no answers were given it still made for a gripping read.

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