Home to Roost – Tessa Hainsworth

Home to Roost – Tessa Hainsworth. Release Date: April 12th

This is a welcome return from the musings of the posh postie in Cornwall. Tessa Hainsworth left her high powered job in London in a fit of euphoria and decided to restart her life and that of her family’s in Cornwall. Life was tough at first until she got a job as a postie in the Roseland area of Cornwall.

In common with her first two books describing her trials and tribulations, Home to Roost is written with humour, love and a huge dollop of self-deprecation. Tessa shows what life is like in Cornwall today for villagers coping with “incomers” and “up country” attitudes” and shows how communities try to keep together and make ends meet. The book is refreshing in that Tessa never fails to show how she puts her foot in it but also tells all about the lives of her friends and neighbours that she visits during her rounds. For obvious reasons all names have been changed as these books are contemporary.

The writing is confiding and welcoming and it reads like a letter from a friend. The characters in the book seem larger than life and their concerns from dying trees, paved front gardens and fear of icy roads all leap off the page and keep you turning until in a rush you are at the end. This is a lovely read and will make you smile from ear to ear, it may also make you think twice about the realities of living in Cornwall all year round.

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