Fault Line – Robert Goddard
Any new book from Robert Goddard is a read to be looked forward to but his latest thriller is set around St Austell and focuses on the fortunes a China Clay family.  This modern thriller follows the Wren family from the late 60’s, the Wren’s own a small china clay business which is soon taken over by Cornish China Clay under a cloud of tragedy.
Forty years on and Jonathan Kellaway prepares to retire from International Kaolin but the events from his youth pulls him back to Cornwall.  Initially, he is sent to find out what has happened to a decade’s worth of company documents, however, he knows that facing this problem will also force him to re-examine his past.  In the late sixties Jonathan had become friends with Oliver and Vivien Wren, both troubled and beautiful and affected by their father’s unexplained suicide some ten years earlier.  Further deaths over the decades hint at a secret that cannot stay secret. Now Jonathan has to see if he can finally unearth it.
This is a great thriller with more deaths and misfortunes that seem right for any one family to endure.  The storyline grabs you from the beginning and never disappoints,  just as you unravel one mystery another one appears keeping you constantly turning the page.  The accuracy of the research is perfect and gives greater depth and enjoyment to anyone familiar with St Austell or the china clay industry.
An absolute treat of a book.


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