Minor niggles and petty minded ejits.

Well it’s been a week of little frustrations.   I ordered some books for a birthday present for one of my son’s friends. I ordered a special next day delivery so that they would arrive in time. Ordering books is something that I’m pretty good at. I’m used to it.  What I’m not used to is delivery companies failing to deliver. I would say that 98% of my deliveries arrive without fuss or fanfare but the 2% that don’t turn up when you want to? Well, you can guarantee that they are the ones that are time sensitive.  So of course these books failed to turn up on day one, day two or day three, the party came and went and there’s me, a bookseller, unable to provide books for a birthday present. Only mildly annoying then.

Talking about the shop our scaffolding is still up, not the end of the world and it does mean that the work is getting done.  Well our work is all done but our neighbour has bigger problems so we just have to wait.  Hardly his fault and it needs to be done properly but you know how it is.  It still irks. I want to show off my newly painted shop to everyone. Which leads me to my next frustration, my scaffolding is up but my Christmas decorations at home still aren’t.  A leak in the house has meant that our sitting room ceiling is sagging.  We got a plasterer to have a quick look, he took a quick look and then he left telling us that what I thought was a quick dot and dab job was actually going to involve taking down the coving as well as a good portion of the ceiling and to call our insurers.

So now I am waiting for the loss adjuster, talk about spirally out of control.  And whilst I wait we can’t put up the decorations, well what’s the point if we have to take it all down again. We can’t dress the tree or deck the hall and our fa la la la la is definitely out of tune. Little things really can grind you down and then in amongst all the stupid minor inconveniences comes an act of a utter pettiness  and you wonder why they bothered.

My mother  went to catch the bus into town the day after her birthday.  Now it may shock you to discover my mother has a bus pass, well it does me as it means I’m not 18 anymore but that’s one of my other minor frustrations. Anyway, she got on the bus, handed over her bus pass and was told it had expired yesterday and had to be withheld. Furthermore if she wished to travel into town she had to pay. As she didn’t have her purse on her she had to step off.  Now I ask you?  What was the point in that?  It’s not as if her birthday made her a year younger and no longer eligible for a bus pass.  Why couldn’t the driver simply have told her that it had expired and that she needed to refresh it?  Why treat her like some sort of fare dodger?  My mother wasn’t bothered, she just brushed him off as a jumped up jobs worth but I got annoyed on her behalf.

So there we go a week of niggles and frustrations. Next week will be a doddle. Ho ho ho!

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