A review of the Cornish Guardian.

I don’t know much about you, in fact I know just about nothing about you but the one thing that I do know is that you enjoy reading the Cornish Guardian. This Christmas I got the chance to actually sit down and read the whole thing cover to cover and really enjoyed myself.  It’s always a shame though that the property section of the Christmas edition is so light.  If there is one thing I love about the paper it’s flicking through the property pages and choosing my next dream house, in a sense I’m glad I’m not rich because I’d be spoilt for choice, how would I decide between 20 acres of moorland or beach frontage?

The Christmas paper is also unusual in that we get to read the writings of the other local columnists. I think the people of Bodmin, Lostwithiel and Looe are well served with their columnists and it’s nice to see the standard I have to try to keep up to, it’s also nice to see what is going on in the other areas beyond the standard news stories.  One place that is great to find out what is going on is the letters page.  This is the section that I always turn to first because it makes sense of the news stories and also has the bonus of some days making me laugh out loud. Last week we had the treat of a councillor getting in a huff because praise for some scheme hadn’t been duly allocated to him but to a fellow councillor. His letter was full of “me, me, me” and outraged indignation, this week was even better when the second councillor retaliated saying that the first councillor was misguided and that HE was the one who did all the work, in a rare case of one-upmanship the councillor backdated his claim of interest to when he was a “young lad”. I have never read two letters more full of their own self-importance. I’m looking forward to a letter in next week’s paper from a councillor claiming to be Spartacus.  It is funny but really guys you’re councillors. Is this seemly? Is it helpful? Does it matter?  Surely the bigger picture is that the event was a success? Like their letters, I often find that I’m at odds with the political columns none more so than Dick Cole.  He always writes eloquently and persuasively but I generally find myself disagreeing – not this week though – how could George Osborne suggest creating “low pay zones” for public service workers.  The only decent wages in Cornwall tend to be in the public service, we should be trying to raise everyone up to their pay and working conditions not pull them down.

Another letter that struck a chord was from Keeley Allen, who volunteers at a local animal shelter. They want to employ her but have no funding, she wants to work for them and stop claiming benefits so the pair of them have written in asking if anyone knows where they may get funding for £5K a year. I don’t know the ins and outs of this story but it comes across as one of those situations where you think the system just isn’t working.  By the same token Keeley is trying to fix it, so good luck to her and I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for Marna who is still waiting to have her furniture fumigated. Her letter was informative, polite and nicely ironic, I have no doubt that the people at Ocean who really do care about their residents will have sorted out the glitch by now.  So that’s my review of last week’s paper I hope you enjoyed it (the paper) as much as I did.

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