How much?????

It’s been a challenging week here at Hurley Towers.  We made the decision to close the shop for November whilst Mevagissey gets its streets dug up.  Trade is always weak in November so we thought this would be the perfect time to take a rest, get the scaffolding up, sort out the gutters or hanging gardens as they are more commonly known and get the shop painted.  A bit of a spring clean ready for the Christmas lights and the launch of EV Thompson’s new book.  We knew that it would mean that takings for November would slump a bit but it’s the best time of the year to do it.  And of course we always have the internet to rely on….

As you can probably tell things haven’t quite gone according to plan.  Our neighbour discovered two hidden fireplaces in his walls and a rubbed out chimney – we had a day’s panic whilst we thought we may have the same issue on our side but that seems to be a bill we have sidestepped.  Just good old regular gutter damp.  So there we were relying on the internet when I woke up to an odd e-mail.  The customer asked if I removed the free shipping would I be able to reduce the overall price?  That was odd?  I left in it my to do pile and then opened another e-mail.  This one just said “Are you kidding?”  The next customer explained that they were short of funds this month but would I accept a round £5million pounds for the Jack Higgins paperback? A sense of awful foreboding settled around me.  Quickly I flicked to my online accounts and was astounded and then horrified to discover that I was pricing over half of my online inventory at over £1 million an item.  So far the most I was asking for was £7.5 million for a Danielle Steel second hand paperback.

I had a quick laugh, replied to all queries and shouted to Steve that we had a mild hitch and that we were going to have to close all online sales whilst I tried to find out what was going on.  About 3 hours should do it.  It’s now two weeks later and our software provider are tearing out their hair whilst trying to sort out the problem.  We have no hair left to pull out as we have gone bald through the stress of it all.

We are making some sales but our prices are in a complicated mess. We have been joking that all we need to do is sell one of those multi million pound books and all our problems would be solved.  After day two that joke began to pale.  So now we are looking at each other and asking how this could happen in the run up to Christmas? January and February is when we pull our belts in,  not November. November is when I buy presents, plan Christmas menus and sort out who will be sleeping where when the family arrives.  At this rate we’ll be telling the children that Christmas Lunch is their present and yes Christmas Lunch this year will consist of fish and chips! If they’re good we’ll throw in the ketchup.

Hey ho.  I know we’ll get things fixed but isn’t it frustrating when you think you have every thing all worked out and then all of a sudden, it’s all out of your control and you’re spiralling rapidly towards a nightmare  and wondering what possessed you to buy a new sofa.  Oh and my cold has come back so I really am not impressed with my lot at the moment. Roll on next week, surely things will be better then?

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