Preparing for visitors

For the first time this year I have a friend coming no stay.  No visitors before September is a thing unheard of so I’m really looking forward to seeing her.  The thing is I’ve woken up with the plague, added to which it’s the first week back at school and the house is a tip.  Now I know that she’s an old friend and has seen far worse and quite frankly wouldn’t care if the place was on fire but I care.  So I am trying to run around like a loon trying to make the place resemble a home you would like to stay in rather than a hostel you can’t wait to check out of.  Before any house proud zealot pipes up and asks why the house isn’t always spik and span the answer would include the words dogs, boys, back to school, business to run and go away.  The problem with today’s blitz is that Thomas hasn’t gone back to school yet so is in the way trying to help and getting shouted at because as I mentioned before I have the plague.  The plague struck in the night, I kept waking up feeling a bit woozy and sniffy and just couldn’t get back to sleep properly.  When I at last got up I was sniffing and feeling a little pathetic and then looked in the bathroom mirror.  Overnight my chin seemed to have developed some sort of festering sore that would have graced any thirteenth century peasant’s face.  Well vanity, thy name is woman but I had too much to do, so off on the school run and the dog walk whilst trying to hide my face from anyone I might know, and anyone I might not and small children and animals of a nervous disposition.
I almost look this bad 🙂
The walk along the cliffs from Par to Polkerris was doing me the world of good but on my return I noticed that the air was full of buzzy things. Probably due to the plague my imagination was beginning to get very vivid and with thoughts of recent wasp attacks I proceeded with caution getting twitchier and twitchier.  Finally the path narrowed and the air thickened with all manner of flying insects and something buzzed right by my ear. Instinctively I went to swot it but forgot the dog lead in my hand.  With immerse force I swatted the insect and smashed the metal ring of Harry’s lead into my forehead.  There was a moment of stunned silence and then quite a lot of colourful language and checking for blood.  The last time I had been hurt this much was when I swung a windsurf pole into my head.  If I have more brain cells I might stop to wonder why I keep banging myself on the head however as my brain cells are diminishing with each attack I fear I shall never know.
So here I sit, trying to get my column in on time, the house clean, surrounded by tissues, my head thumping and bruised and my face a mess.  Reader, I look a mess!  Hope you are all feeling better and I’ll chat up again next week.

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