Why Great Britain? Because we are!

It’s my fault. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again I promise. The boys were lined up for their last rugby match, a cold wind was blowing and I did it, I went and said “at least it’s not raining!” ‘twasn’t five minutes before the heavens opened and we ran for our cars. Well we did, the boys had to play on slippy grass and rock hard ground. Bad mother.

It’s been a lovely run of weather, in fact it’s been the hottest April on record which makes me wonder what July and August might be like. A friend came back from Portugal where they had had 7 days of rain to find everyone in the UK browner than she was. That’s not right. Well, it’s not right but it is nice. It was great to have a good sunny Easter and I’m so glad that it lasted long enough for everyone to enjoy their street parties and for all of those mad fools that flocked to London to stand in massive crowds I’m glad that it was dry for them too.

I really enjoyed the wedding, I’ll be honest and confess that I didn’t watch it live, I needed to get new wetsuits for the boys and I figured the roads would be empty during the actually ceremony. I can smugly announce that I was right and I nipped over to Newquay in record time and then came back and watched the recording. It was fabulous, I love all the pomp and circumstance, I’m not one for doffing my cap or thinking anyone is “better” than me but I do love to see celebrations and to see our nation at its most majestic best. I belted out Bread of Heaven along with the congregation, wondered aloud why Sarah’s daughters couldn’t afford mirrors and loved the inspirational trees in the cathedral. How beautiful were they!? Their tall towering columns were radiant against the marble columns of the cathedral, I thought it was inspired. I don’t think some potted plants in Hurley Books would have the same affect but it did make me want to transform the shop into an arboretum. From trees to books – a perfect match.

I didn’t expect the boys to like it but they were equally taken with the whole affair, they were most impressed with the regimented marching and had lots of questions “Did the Queen have a gun in her bag?” What if Katherine said no?” “If Harry shot William would the police shoot Harry?” “Were the Royal Lifeguards from Newquay?” “Can we have an Aston Martin” and so on.

It just made me realise how great the Olympics are going to be. Now they ARE people who are “better” than me and I’ll really be pleased and proud to cheer them on. I tried to buy tickets but found the whole procedure so hit and miss and rather expensive that I’ll wait until the autumn when they offer up the spares. I’d love to take the boys to the opening or closing ceremonies and a medals day, I’m not sure about sailing because as much as they love it, it is a rather difficult spectator sport. Steve’s concerned that numbers for beach volleyball may be low so feels that we should go and support that event. Steve also thinks I was born yesterday.

Even if we don’t get to see anything live we can still watch on television and enjoy all that will be going on. I can’t wait and I just know what a success it will be because my god the wedding was perfect so we know we can pull off huge events and have the entire world look at us and cheer.

One thought on “Why Great Britain? Because we are!

  1. enjoyed reading that – thank you. Tell Steve the beach volley ball is at Horse Guards and the back of number 10 has a perfect view – apparently if you study it in detail the coalition agreement says that Nick Clegg gets access to No 10 during the beach volley ball and that's the main reason they went into coalition with the Tories.


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