London Book Fair 2011

This was our first visit to the Book fair so here’s a hotch potch of what we liked.

“Adopt a Book” Now obviously you should only think of doing this when your allocation of children, goats and orangutans is used up but what a fun idea. Launched by The Royal College of Surgeons of England, this scheme asks for help in repairing and rebounding the older and more decrepit books in their library.

Attended an interesting talk on bookshop newsletters hosted by the following three shops  All three shops have a very different approach to us which was great as it challenged our own ideas. Anyway, good or bad – ours will be on its way soon.

Maybe Hurley Books will be selected to host a fantastic literary event? We’re adding our hat into the mix and if you’d like to attend something fabulous in Cornwall nominate us at this link.

I loved this publisher – they do really high end facsimilies . No price to be found anywhere. There were loads of gorgeous books to look at.

We’re going to be stocking this title.  I like Cicerone Guides as they are succinct, up to date and accurate.  They are a bit more gung ho about how many miles you can cover in a day than I am but then I’m basically lazy so I’ll give it to them.  I’ll do a bit and let you know how it goes 🙂  This is a new initiative to support independent bookshops. Soon you will be able to order all your new books through Hurley Books as we will have access to the massive Gardeners warehouse and distribution centre.  Books will be dispatched from them overnight to ensure next day delivery.  You can either collect the book from the shop, great if you’re on holiday or have it posted to your home, handy if you don’t live near us. Every book you order through Hive / Hurley Books we get a commission and you get a great discount and free fast postage.

The upshot of Simon Middleton’s Build a Brand lecture was “Have a story” – but what’s the Hurley Books story? What’s our unique selling point. I doubt “we wanted to make some money” is going to cut it but then neither is “we really love books.”  I shall have to give this some thought.

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