Mevagissey is open for business

Well after a month of sunshine the rain has started which can only mean one thing, the Easter holidays are upon us. Whilst I’m sorry the rain has arrived I’m very glad that the holidays are here because it means that the season is back underway and here in Mevagissey it couldn’t come soon enough.

Following the floods last December trade has been pretty dire. So many shops had to be gutted out that the place looked like a ghost town, people stayed away and when they returned there were closed shops all over the place and they left again. Understandable of course but for those of us who hadn’t closed it’s been grim, actually it’s been grim for all of us but now that’s all behind us. Like the daffodils happily waving in the breeze and the birds singing their hearts out, spring is here and Mevagissey is up and running.

In fact, as they say, it’s an ill wind that blows no good. It’s as though Meva has had a massive spring clean. Some businesses have changed hands, some have moved premises others decided that that was enough and they’ve closed making way for new ventures.

Brocante has expanded into the Holistic Mermaid so now there’s even more gorgeous things to drool over. The Holistic Mermaid has moved into one of the empty galleries and will now be offering l5 minute holistic pick me ups in their treatment room. Expansion is clearly in the air because Portmellon Trading are opening up in Jason’s old place. It’s going to be called Issey, after our saint and will stock a line called Braintree – sort of like Seasalt. So now that’s four great clothes shops we have in the village.

Curio Corner and Avellana look fabulous following their refit and we’re spoilt for choice for a good place to sit down and have a coffee now that Market Square Cafe have re-opened to join Cofro, Bon Appetit and others offering great drinks and snacks. If you want something more substantial, Salamanda’s and Alvorada’s continue to receive great reviews for their evening menus.

Of course Mevagissey is more than great shops and pubs, we have a fabulous museum and aquarium and the Mevagissey Model Railway celebrates its 40th birthday this year. Our harbour continues to thrive, nothing stops those fishermen, although our blackboard puzzles outside Hurley Books does make them pause for a second, then they work it out and wander off laughing at us for making them too easy, or cursing us for making them too tricky.

I know most of us arrive in Mevagissey by car but the walk from Portmellon or Pentewan along the coast path is wonderful, admittedly it is a bit up and down but at least it helps burn off the ice creams! Another great way to approach Meva is down the valley from Heligan, wandering down through the woods and fields is so relaxing, with only birdsong and streams to listen to and bluebells to look at. Well, I imagine it can be like that I normally have two noisy boys and one destructive dog but I like to think that serenity could be achieved on this walk. Probably the best way to arrive in Mevagissey is the one that avoids all hills and that’s by sea. I am aware that some people don’t have their own private yachts but that’s OK you can always use the Mevagissey – Fowey Ferry and try to spot basking sharks and dolphins joining you on your crossing.

However you do decide to come Mevagissey I hope that when you get here you like all the changes and make the most of the village whilst we all still relatively quiet before the summer rush. See you soon.

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