The grass is always greener….

Doing battle with the green eyed monster at the moment. I think I’m winning but every now and then it grabs me by the ankles and trips me up. Whilst I’m lucky in so many ways and have so many things that half the world might be grateful for I can’t help but look at those with more than me and think envious thoughts. Which is silly because I already have so much. But the start of the holiday season always seems to kick it off as I look at those lovely brand news cars towing jet skis and the like as they overtake me on the A30. Wandering around Truro in my walking boots and dog walking coat I look at families dressed to the absolute nines and think that it would be nice to dress my children in the latest styles (well it wouldn’t because they’d either rip them, stain them or grow out of them before I could blink an eye) but it’s nice to fantasize!

The problem with living in a tourist area is the sudden influx of people who view our home as a holiday resort, so of course they’re dressed up to the nines, they have literally pushed the boat out and like all of us on holiday they spend money with ease. This doesn’t mean they have lots of money on a day to day basis just that they have saved up and are now spending. They probably don’t behave with such financial abandon at home but that’s not the image I see. I just see the “what the hell, let’s have another one…” and so I get a little green.

Of course the thing that makes me really green are the second homes. Now let me make things really clear, I have nothing against second homes in principle, good grief if I had the money I’d have a second home in a heartbeat. My second home would be on the Lizard, oh and one up on the north coast, and one on the Norfolk Boards and one near Cley. The point is, oh I forgot and one up in the Hebrides, and finally one on St. Martins; that’s St. Martins on the Isles of Scilly not the one in the Caribbean. Oh what the hell, I’ll have one there too. Whoops less of a second home more of a holiday portfolio. I guess my point is that those with second homes really do have more money than me and every so often I have little human moments and think “not fair.” I think it in a very small voice but I still think it. It’s then that I have to get a grip and remember what I say to the boys, we are happy and we are healthy, if we had to drop one of those to be wealthy which would it be? Of course my boys are smart and point out that you can be wealthy, happy and healthy, at which point we all sigh.

And as we sigh, we collect the boys from school and head to the beach to catch some waves and have a barbeque tea. Or we scramble over the moors, not caring what we look like as we explore waterfalls and stone structures. Or we breathe deeply enjoying the sun above us or the wind in our face and the glorious surroundings that we live in every day and our sighs get a little less envious and a little more contented.

Of course if anyone out there reading this has a spare second home they no longer want, I’ll happily take it off their hands.

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