…and a Happy New year!

“And so my friends, the time has come, for me to face the final curtain…” the end of the year always seems so dramatic doesn’t it? We’re asked to look back at what went before and to look forward and to consider what might be. There are times when it seems to sway between some sort of mystical balancing act and a business de-briefing but quite honestly what happened this year will pretty much be what will happen next year! Did you know the Chinese have a curse that says “May you live in interesting times” It doesn’t sound like much of a curse until you consider that “interesting” is what makes it to the newspapers and TV news. Floods are interesting, as are earthquakes, fire, death and disaster, quite frankly we may be interested to read about it happening to others but we certainly don’t want to experience it first hand.

Lots of interesting things have happened this year that I don’t want to repeat, ever and quite frankly I don’t think I’ve “grown” from the experiences, nor has it “made me stronger”. It was difficult, frustrating, boring, upsetting but as each thing happened we dealt with it and we got on with it. And before you think I had some major disaster in my life this year I didn’t, just the normal run of daily tribulations that we all cope with.

Of course some of us will have had wonderful things happen this year. Marvellously interesting things (interesting is a bit of a double edged sword) from the news of a new baby to the launch of a business, a slew of excellent exam results, a first job, a successful interview, a trip across Africa, the finishing of a house, all of these things are wonderful and rarely ever going to make it to the news but they are what sustain us and keep us going whilst the other interesting things trip us up and pull us down.

So next year a balance of interesting things please. Can the things I know about happen successfully and can the things I don’t know about please not happen at all. It might make for a quiet year but I think that would be rather nice. And as for resolutions, well I want to take a photo everyday, I got as far as January last year, I’d like to get this column in on Wednesdays every week and not panic like an errant school girl on Thursday evening and finally I’d like to dive more.

I love diving which might surprise the people I dive with as they probably don’t know what I look like anymore. For those of you who have ever thought that diving abroad looks fun, it is, but it’s just as good here. Yes, I’ll grant you that it’s colder and the visibility is more temperamental but what we have meters off the shoreline is wonderful; a whole hidden part of Cornwall, always quiet, never crowded and always beautiful. If it sounds tempting make it your New Year’s resolution to give it a go. Either contact Mid Cornwall Divers or Sal’s Diving Company both of which will chat it over with you.

So that’s my New Year’s resolutions, what will yours be and how far will you get? I wonder how many people actually make a resolution and stick to it. Sometimes I think it’s easier not to make any in the first place and then you won’t feel that you’ve failed when you do fail but I think it is worth the effort and one year I might actually succeed.

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