A busy week from pianists to Diversity at Plymouth Pavilions with EVT in between!

And then there are weeks when I’ve done so much I don’t know where to start. Saturday was particularly crowed, the day started with my youngest son taking part in the St Austell Music and Speech festival, he was competing in the Grades 1  piano section and once again overcame his nerves to do us proud. This annual event always seems to have low attendance figures and yet the standard of performances throughout the week is always excellent. It’s a great opportunity to hear stunning music at close quarters for a £1 entry fee. So my thanks as ever go to the organisers of this event and to his piano teacher Rachael Mitchell.

Having dashed out we then sprinted over to rugby practice at Lankelly Fowey, again another bunch of incredible volunteers who run the most friendly, welcoming supportive club around. Unfortunately due to bad weather the following day’s match against St Austell had to be called off, funny matches are often cancelled but never training! As soon as that was finished my youngest son was whisked away to a birthday party at Retallack Lodges to go on the Flow rider. It’s hard to explain the flow rider unless you see it but try to imagine an upside down wave on a trampoline. So whilst he went off to defy the laws of physics, Steve and I scooped up our disgruntled eldest son and dashed over to Meva to set things up for EV Thompson who was coming to the shop to sign copies of his latest book “Beyond the Storm.”
As usual, he arrived on time and was promptly inundated by friendly fans and we had a great afternoon. He’s a lovely man and I enjoy meeting him every time. I’d also like to say thank you to all the people that chose to buy his book from us, we appreciate the support that you give us and it’s always nice to meet new customers.
Of course that wasn’t then end of the day as Mevagissey switched on their Christmas lights and it was a wonderful event with a lantern parade and stunning light puppets all marching to the beat of a Celtic samba band. So yet more thanks to the committee who despite really challenging conditions this year but on a memorable event. And whilst we’re thanking people, thank you for everyone who is still shopping in Mevagissey, almost all of us are open for business and it can be lonely if people think the village is still closed for business.

Sunday was a true day of rest. Tuesday however saw us carefully bombing up to Bristol to wave goodbye to my sister as she prepared to sail across the Atlantic. Thank you to both of the boys’ schools for knowing that there are more important things in life than attendance figures and thank you to the meteorological gods for giving us such an amazing display of hoar frost as we travelled up country. The highlight must have been hitting -10 at Okehampton.
Wednesday found us jumping up and down to three rappers at Plymouth Pavilions who were warming the crowd up for Diversity, the dance act that won Britain’s Got Talent last year. It was amazing, I went with friends and 7 boys ranging from 8 – 11 who loved it even more than we did. So there we are, a properly busy week and thanks to everyone who made it a great one.


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