Boot Camp – the results.

Well I said I’d let you know how I’m doing at Boot Camp and I have to say that I’m still alive and so are my family and I’m lighter and slimmer but it hasn’t been easy. This is my diary.

End of Week One and I could only praise the powers that be that not only am I still alive but so too is my family. Giving up coffee was not funny. As an early riser the morning starts haven’t been too horrific, not good but not “kill me now”, that was reserved for the food plan. In all fairness the food sheet is very sensible, lots of fish, meat, fruits, vegs, nuts and water all very balanced, all very sensible but really who enjoys sensible? The idea was that on my non contact days with Petra I would do more exercise on my own via some sheets and videos that she has sent out. I have to be honest I haven’t done them yet. Day One and two I was too tired from getting up at a silly time, day 3 and 4 my head really hurt by day 5 and 6 my energy levels were failing and my kidneys hurt and I was hugely fed up. Every time Petra asked for a smile all she got was a grimace with bared teeth.

End of Week Two. This week I’ve woken up feeling better no headache no aching kidneys, finally drinking enough water. Can’t stand the stuff but my previous liquid intake was provided by alcohol and caffeine. So I will do the interim exercises next week and hopefully see more benefits, so far lost 5 lbs and inches all over the place. I know that next week is unlikely to be so spectacular but a loss is a loss. Some really cold mornings. Exercising whilst listening to owls is weird.

End of Week Three. More width and weight loss which made me feel a bit sparkier. Unfortunately it was half term so still no additional workouts. Also found it harder to stick to the diet sheet when the boys and their friends were around and there were loads of treats lying about. God help me at Christmas I have no willpower. Feeling bright all week and finding the early mornings easy. Width loss but no weight loss.

Start of Week Four. As I write this I’m in my final week so I won’t be able to give you final figures but the blog will have the final measurements. I’m now feeling brighter and have started on the additional workouts (they’re awful – mad woman keeps saying “Isn’t this fun!” You can almost see her exclamation marks). The clocks going back have also meant fewer exercises by moonlight and owl calls.

So after three weeks where am I? Well I’ve lost 7.5 lbs and between 3 and 4 inches at all vital points, that’s a loss of 26.5 inches overall so far. So in terms of weight loss it’s not dramatic, in terms of a better figure and a healthier body then I’m pleased with it.

Will I do this next month? You bet! This has been a really enjoyable way to get ready for all the Christmas parties. The crowd I train with are incredible friendly and supportive, men and women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. I haven’t met the evening team but I bet they’re just as nice. Petra doesn’t let you slack and at your private weekly measurement sessions she’s really supportive. There’s also loads of great recipes on her website. Although lets be honest there’s only so much that you can do with pumpkin!

I am still seriously missing the coffee though!

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