October – A Gift to the Cornish

I had a lovely walk into the shop this morning. I often park out on the harbour wall and walk in, it gives me time just to enjoy the peace and silence. It was a gorgeous, sunny day with hardly any breeze but there must be quite a swell out in the Atlantic somewhere because the waves would suddenly surge up and slap against the wall followed by a small shower of water on the road. Looking over the harbour it looks like the old lifeboat place is nearly finished. Those flats are going to have stunning views but the windows look a bit stingy and it’s a shame the final finish is so, well, dull. It’s some sort of stone or brick that doesn’t look like any other building over on that side. What was wrong with render painted in a nice bright colour? Or slate hung? Or wildly modern with loads of glass? Still if anyone wants to offer me one, I’d not turn it down.

As I came around the harbour wall the fishermen were all shouting back and forth sorting out nets and catching up on the news. One bloke seeing an old mate shouted out Hey Bob, thought you’d died! Bob turned round and said Nah, too busy for that!

I have always thought that October is a gift to the residents of Cornwall. The sea is warm and when it’s sunny the air is still warm enough to go and laze on an empty beach. The roads are clear again and we can amble to our destination, not tear and race and vent our frustrations on all and sundry. There are still lots of visitors around but they seem to have fallen into the same relaxed pace that we’re all feeling and as there are visitors here those of us who rely on the tourist trade aren’t yet panicking. The heady days of August when the till didn’t stop ringing are behind us but there’s still money coming in, it’s not as much but it will do.

The weather has also been glorious as it so often is in October and I’ve been discovering some lovely new walks, there’s a great one along the river at Lerryn and another fabulous one heading from Melinsey Mill to Pendower Beach. The countryside is rich with pickings right now and I found a wonderful clump of penny buns the other day – very tasty mushrooms and I’m having them with rabbit tonight (thanks Dave!). The sloes are fattening up nicely so that will be Sloe Vodka for Christmas and I’m eyeing up the local geese which are also fattening up nicely.

For families the ordeal of September is now passed, the children have finally worked out where double ICT is have finally accepted that homework is a necessary evil. The school run has settled down and everyone knows where they are to be picked up, dropped off, who has what bags and what homework has to be handed in the following day.

And of course October always ends with parties, Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night (I know not strictly October – but October’s an embracing month, so the more the merrier). It’s a great opportunity to stand all wrapped up against the elements and look up at the stars, the fireworks and the odd passing witch.

So I love October, the start of log fires, warm days and chilly nights, red leaves, quiet beaches and a sense of calm and relaxation. I hope you’re all having an equally good month.

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