I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but stand back!!!

Now it’s always lovely when a customer says thanks but this chap went one step further and praised us in his blog and held us up as an example of excellent customer service.

The downside is it’s in Swedish, if your Swedish is a little rusty here is what he ssid via Google translate¬† (be warned Google’s Swedish also seems to be a bit rusty!)

Monday, August 30 2010Det little extra

“The extra mile is something that will come back as we discuss further on the topic Customer Service. That is what you as a customer but you do not pay for, and what you do as a supplier to distinguish you from others and get the customer to feel special and noticed. In my own role as a supplier, I try to bring the system to deliver the extra mile even if it requires extra effort from me. I do not always succeed but the ambition is there and I try to influence my colleagues to give that little extra. I know this is something that affects and is different when it comes to the crunch and the customer will choose their supplier for the next project or what it might be. It is important to find a balance of customer service and “the extra mile” to customers for value for money. If it is too bad as customers flee, and are so generous to the risk margins are likely. Let me illustrate two examples where one is at a reasonable but high level, while the other is hardly surprising and can be profitable. Both are from my life as a private consumer.

Comfortable level: I recently ordered a number of books on Amazon from a few different online booksellers. It was the end of July. One day after ordering I get an email from one of them, “Hurley Books” where they ask if I want to cancel because it will take a few extra days to get the book when they have the holiday season (they are a small family company). I have no panic but respond kindly “It is quiet, have a nice holiday!”. A few weeks later the book arrives, but a small patch that says something like “We’re back and had a fantastic holiday. We wanted to say thanks for your wishes and patience … … who can look forward to a good cup of hot chocolate? Thank your orders. “, together with a package of chockladpulver for a cup of hot chocolate when I’m enjoying my book. Guess where I act the next time …

Error level: My former hairdresser gave me each and every time a bottle of mousse or gel when I was clipped and me. The value of what I got was about 1 / 3 of the value of my haircut and when I again and again got no home with me I’m almost ashamed to go there because I was a bad deal for him, he has enough small margins as it is and his generous side affect his own business, my experience was. Some might think that free is good but for me it was too much. I ended up not going there for that reason but I felt stupid when he threw me on the expensive goods that I could just as easily have paid for. (Yeah, so I would not know if I changed the car and threw the plus package and a lot lullull no extra charge to which it is already expensive as seventeen).

So, what I say. Give a little extra, say that you give that little extra and continue to give it, but keep it at a level that is comfortable and appropriate for both parties. “That little extra we will come back to, I am sure.

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