Flags and fanatics. July 14th Cornish Guardian

There’s been a lot of talk recently of flags and English colonial oppression and a lot of it has been very aggressive and unpleasant. I’m a bit alarmed by this, I don’t remember oppressing or subjugating anyone recently, although my boys may have a different opinion on this. I felt sure that my days of looting and pillaging where behind me and I can’t remember the last time I sacked a monastery or annexed a county but I am a working mum and have been known to forget things. Although surely I’d remember oppressing all my lovely neighbours?

The fact of the matter is that I just don’t understand fanatism; I don’t hold it against anyone who is fanatical about anything it’s just that I’m not. If it’s a black and white issue I’ll find the grey, if it’s a clear cut issue I’ll be waving from the blunt edged fence. I know I’m quite extreme about seeing both sides of nearly everything, fanatical some might say, but the majority of us sit somewhere in the middle of most viewpoints.

I mean, I know we’re all individuals, each of us unique and special, but we’re also pretty much the same. We’re all roughly between 5 and 6 foot we have two legs and two arms all coming off our body in the same place with a sort of round head at the top. And in the same way that our bodies are pretty similar so to are our personalities and beliefs. Saints and sinners stand out simply because they are so different to the norm. Imagine a society full of fanatics but fanatical about different things, imagine if those fanatics hold opposing opinions, well we don’t have to imagine do we, we know how violent and bloody that looks like. So it’s just as well that the majority of us bob along in the middle of the river. We need the saints and the crusaders no matter how tiresome they may seem. Can you imagine what it must have been like kicking along with Mother Teresa of Calcutta? You’re all for a hearty meal and an early night but she’s going to work on until she collapses. Please! Talk about making you feel bad. So if we get the saints we get the sinners and if we get the crusaders we also get the fanatics.

When I write this column I tend to write it myself and it doesn’t occur to me that someone might read it but today a complete stranger came into the shop and said she enjoyed the column! I was thrilled, I was more chuffed than Ivor the Engine and it was wonderful. Now I’m wondering though if some irate reader is going to start shouting at me for not understanding the terrible burden that they have endured. If they do I shall be calm and as the Nun’s used to say “Rise above it.” Mind you, I’ll also be tickled pink that they read it!

I’m back on water and various cordials to try and make it taste better, I was listening to Marina and the Diamonds on Youtube and thinking what a great voice she had when I clicked onto one of the related links and flicked years back to Shine On by Pink Floyd. A stunningly good song. Doubt Marina will ever produce anything that timeless but she’s definitely good in the here and now. I’ve just picked up The Passage by Justin Cougar, a post-apocalyptic chiller, it’s huge but starting well, I’ll let you know


One thought on “Flags and fanatics. July 14th Cornish Guardian

  1. One should be proud of one´s heritage and all that belongs to it.Nevertheless everthing has tolerance points and fanatism is not acceptable. Oops was that intolerant ?. Great post Liz. It made me think and smile. Your english is very refreshing and yout text is very readible.I am now “more chuffed than Ivor the Engine”. Thanks Dave


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