Imperium Robert Harris – Good Book (again)

I read Robert Harris’s first book about Cicero a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I studied Cicero’s speeches and writings at college and really enjoyed his sharpness and wit so it was great to read a book that added flesh to the text. So when I saw the next book had just been published I grabbed it and took it on holiday; the last book had ended before he made consul and I knew there were some really great chapters in Cicero’s life ahead.

I sat down with the book and got at least half way through before it dawned on me that this wasn’t the second book, it was the first book – again. It didn’t even dawn on me because I recognised the writing but because I realised that it was going to end at the same place. How stupid do I feel? New front cover on the paperback and I fall for it and then I don’t even have the smarts to remember that I’ve already read it once.

Now I know it doesn’t sound like a good recommendation, the fact that I couldn’t even remember the book. But I did remember enjoying it, and I enjoyed it all over again.  Cicero is an incredible person, so read this book but do read his essays as well, his personality shouts out.

Now I’m going to enjoy the next book Lustrum – for the first time.

Collected Works – Cicero
Imperium – Robert Harris
Lustrum – Robert Harris

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