Fabulous coincidences.

This really is quite astounding.  Fom time to time customers hand in books that they have finshed reading, one such book was handed in the othe day. We went to price it up and there on the inside page was the name of a previous owner; my best friend of 30 years! To understand how remarkable this is our shop is in Cornwall she lives in Norwich but the book came from her Uni days in Bradford, 20 years ago! This book was sold by her at the end of the term so that she could afford the next term’s textbooks. For 20 years this book has floated along a river of readers until it finally ended up in my hands.

I’m posting it back to her!

And the book in question? Burger’s Daughter by Nadine Gordimer, she says it’s a brilliant read and that everyone shoud go and buy it. Unfortunately Hurley Books no longer has a copy 🙂

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