Vote for Us!

OK shameless plug I’m afraid. The Telegraph are running their 2009 Shop Awards. You can nominate us under Local Shops Best for Home. Click on the link to nominate us.

So why nominate Hurley Books? We’re an independant bookshop based in Mevagissey. We have the support of locals and holiday makers alike and are open throughout the year. An unusual fact for a bookshop in a small village, behind the scenes we are large online sellers with a warehouse in St. Austell where we ship books all over the world. It’s our worldwide sales that means we can stay open over winter.

When you wander into the shop, music will be playing and if you want to request something we have Spotify which means you can have what ever you want to listen to whilst you browse. Our stock is always changing but my favourite area is the Retirement Shelf for Gentlebooks of a Distressed Persuasion. This is where you can find all theose beautifully bound books with glorious covers but that have no “commercial” value, books that were once collectable but are now so broken and ropey that only a book lover would want them.

I also love the train track and the fact that loads of children come in here simply to play whilst the parents can browse unhindered.

There isn’t a book printed that we can’t try and get hold of, of course we’re not always successful or the budget just doesn’t stretch far enough but we don’t care if it’s gone out of print, unlike Waterstones or Smiths we’re not tied to our suppliers. We build up libraries for people and have just furnished The Scarlet Hotel with a library as well as working for private individuals. If a whole library is too much we can package up a small box of books on a theme and deliver all over the highlands and islands of the UK and for something altogether more intimate we can arrange a special introduction with your perfect book. One that you’ve never read before but we think you’ll love.

Finally, whoever is behind the counter knows their books and will greet you with a smile and a bit of knowledge if asked for and if we’re quiet they’ll put the kettle on for you as well. Oh and the dog’s welcome as well.

Now, have we convinced you? If so please vote and it would be lovely to meet you in person some day.

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